Social media posts - conditions for sharing, tagging, and using hashtags

We love seeing how you transform your bedroom with your new Beddinghouse duvet cover! In fact, we like seeing your photos so much that we would like to share them with others. If you post a photo and include #beddinghouse in the accompanying text, we would like to ask you for your consent so that we can publish your content. By giving us consent, you declare the following:

• You are the sole owner and holder of rights of the content you posted along with the hashtag #beddinghouse and tagged us by including @beddinghouse_official;

• You grant us, Bedding House B.V., a non-exclusive, commercial right to use the content in our services or third-party services and to duplicate it for commercial purposes. No restrictions or limitations apply to this use;

• You renounce claims to royalties concerning your content or works derived from it.

Bedding House B.V. will take reasonable measures to credit you as the creator and include a link to your content or account, but is not required to do so. This is also not a condition for the use of your content.

If you do not wish to give permission, we understand and require no further action from you. We will then not use your work.


Promotional campaigns via Social Media involving third parties

We often create promotional campaigns together with influencers of media companies. The winner is then selected by the influencer or media company. Winners are only selected randomly and there will be no separate correspondence regarding the selection process. The winner will be informed personally or via social media post. The personal data of the winner will only be used to send the prizes. We will keep this information until three months after the promotional campaign has finished. Personal data is only processed in accordance with the GDPR.

Specific guidelines apply to each promotional campaign. Before you participate, please thoroughly read the conditions and obligations. On this website, we have a list of the currently ongoing promotional campaigns:

May 2019

Promotional campaign Mother's day - Instagram

The winner can select one of the following sizes of duvet cover Dolly:

  • 2x 140x200/220 cm (single-person duvet cover)
  • 1x 200x200/220 cm (double duvet cover)
  • 1x 240x200/220 cm (extra-large double duvet cover)

14 May 2019 we announce the winner at our Instagram Stories account.

Bedding House B.V. promotional campaigns

By participating, people who take part in the promotional campaigns give Bedding House B.V. permission to collect and process the personal data required for the promotional campaign and for informing the winner. We will keep this information until three months after the promotional campaign has finished. Personal data is only processed in accordance with the GDPR.

Bedding House B.V. is not responsible for losses resulting from or relating to participation in the promotional campaign. Winners of the promotional campaign are selected at random based on a raffle or the result of the promotional campaign. You will be disqualified from participating in the promotional campaign if we discover you:

- participating on behalf of a company;

- submitting incorrect, incomplete, or misleading data;

- committing or attempting to commit fraud in any other way;

- failing to adhere to the conditions of participation;

- behaving in a manner that would give us good reason to do so.

Prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferable. No further correspondence will be required regarding the outcome. Bedding House B.V. is not responsible for loss of, damage to, or theft of prizes.

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