Better Cotton Initiative

A few years ago, Bedding House created a policy to make a positive contribution to a better and sustainable future. This awareness is taking shape more and more, both within and outside the company.

In 2017 we took the first important steps in respect of the product. Our activities were mainly aimed at making cotton more sustainable by joining the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) of which we became member in 2016. We are also committed to make things better for those who work in and for our organisation. The Better Cotton Initiative not only insures our product goals but also supervises the work conditions of the people who work for our company.

There is no need to realise this all at once. However, we do want both consumers and our business partners to understand the route we have chosen to follow. It is, however, our goal that others follow this route as well, which is something we can do together. After all, you cannot build a responsible world by yourself. We want to realise a growth in business but with only half the impact on the environment and surrounding area. And in doing so, we will make our conscious efforts more visible in the years to come.


The BCI is an organisation through which various large parties from the textile industry have committed themselves to the responsible production of cotton. In collaboration with carefully chosen parties, the BCI is involved with the implementation of new production ways at cotton farmer level. They do this by means of various training courses in the field. BCI also manages a reward system for participating cotton farmers based on their performance which motivates them to keep on improving their business practices. Bedding House has been a partner of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) since 2016. The BCI works with a wide range of stakeholders, who connect people and organisations in the cotton industry. From the cotton field to the product in the shop, to encourage measurable and continuous improvements for the environment, agricultural communities and the economies of cotton producing countries.

BCI principles

The BCI wants to transform the worldwide cotton production by developing so called Better Cotton as a sustainable and commonly used material. By 2020, the Better Cotton Initiative will have reached more than 5 million farmers and more than 30% of the worldwide cotton production.

The focal points of Better Cotton Initiative are:

  • To minimise the use of pesticides and insecticides
  • An efficient use of water
  • A good use and regeneration of land
  • To preserve the natural diversity
  • To educate and reward the cotton farmers in accordance with their performance

Why the BCI?

  • The ‘mass-balance’ principle ensures that you can achieve results faster and that you can scale-up faster.
  • The difference lies at the source: The BCI starts with transformation of the cotton sector starting by the cotton farmers, which is the only way to approach this raw material as a commodity.

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