Beddinghouse join forces with Circular Dreams

Beddinghouse collaborates with the startup Circular Dreams to pursue the mission to keep bed textiles in the chain for as long as possible and to work together with our manufacturers, retailers, brands and consumers on a circular textile chain.

In the Netherlands, an average of 305.1 million textiles are thrown away every year, which is approximately 17.7 kilograms of textile waste per person. This is often still good quality textiles, but ends up in the textile waste mountain that increases worldwide every year, while the amount of textiles in the Netherlands has increased by 20% in the past 5 years.

In addition, retailers and brands in the textile sector have to deal with return flows, products that are returned for various reasons, but the retailer is no longer allowed to sell as new. Here comes Circular Dreams in and offers the retailers and brands a re-commerce sales channel.

The purpose of Circular Dreams is to reduce the textile waste mountain and to prevent high-quality textiles from going to the textile waste mountain while these are still useful duvet covers.


Circular Dreams accepts used bed linen from the brands of Bedding House and prepares these products for reuse after a quality check. Products that do not pass the quality control are going to be recycled. But, Circular Dreams stretches the start of the recycling proces as long as possible, since currently less than 1% of the collected recycled textiles can be used for new textiles (from fiber-to-fibre recycling).

Circular Dreams webshop has 3 categories

Circular Dreams sells all collected reused bedsheets via the Circular Dreams webshop in 3 categories:

Used Returns

These are return flows that Circular Dreams accepts from the brands Beddinghouse, vtwonen, Rivièra Maison, Pip Studio, Oilily and Marjolein Bastin. These are products that the consumer returns because of various reasons: the product quality or color is not as expected or the size is not right. The retailer can often no longer sell these products for the new price because the packaging is broken or the product has been used a few times. Circular Dreams checks the product on quality, has it professionally washed and dry cleaned, and packs this product for reuse in the Used Returns category.

Imperfectly Perfect

Circular Dreams repairs products that are returned due to a manufacturing defect, for example a small weaving flaw. Circular Dreams repairs flaws in our sewing studio and sells them for reuse in the Imperfectly Perfect category.


Circular Dreams joins forces with retailers to take back used bed linen from consumers via our take-back system at various sales points. We take care of the system and logistics and provide the retailer with  a ready-to-go system to become part of the circular chain.  These products are quality checked and professionally washed, steamed, ironed and repackaged. Circular Dreams resells these textiles in the Vintage category.

More information:

Circular Dreams is a cross-brand and industry-wide re-commerce platform that in addition to the Bedding House brands works together with various bed textile brands that embrace the mission of Circular Dreams and Bedding House.

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