Pip Studio

Pip Studio is convinced that each moment of each day beholds the opportunity to share and celebrate life with the people we care for. That’s why Pip’s products are crafted with high quality standards, special finishes and eye for the tiniest quirky details. Classic yet inventive, traditional yet original.

By surrounding yourself with Pip’s creations you add a sparkle to your everyday moments. From waking up in the morning in a beautifully cosy bed, slipping into your warm comfy bathrobe, walking barefoot over a fairy tale carpet, to sipping coffee together from royal porcelain cups that are different in every way you look at it. Pip brightens your day with a colourful mash-up of styles and stories.

The Pip Studio lifestyle collection consists of homewear, porcelain, wallpaper, home accessories and bed & bath textiles.

Pip for the Planet. We have developed a luxurious and sustainable packaging especially for the opulent designs Chintz Festival, Forest Carpet, Birds in a Row, and Tree of Life. At Pip Studio we do more than just create beautiful and elegant products. The new durable and detailed box is meant to be kept and used again. The sturdy box also features the characteristic Pip print on the inside. Use the box to store all your pretty things.

Pip Studio bedding collection
Pip studio bath collection
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