Beddinghouse Care

We want to minimise the impact of our products on the environment and therefore strive to use sustainable materials. Our main source of raw material is cotton. The cultivation and processing of cotton has a major impact on the environment, which is why our focus is on finding sustainable alternatives.

The bed linen from the Beddinghouse care collection is made from materials that disperse moisture well, have antibacterial properties and are generally easier to recycle. The amount of water used in the production of these materials is considerably less than that used in the production of more traditional materials, also fewer chemicals such as pesticides and bleach and cheap and dangerous additives such as microplastics are used.

Read more about the Care Collection in our new collection book! 

In order to further increase sustainability, PVC is no longer used in the Beddinghouse care collection packaging. The packaging is made out of cardboard that has the FSC label, this means that the raw material for the cardboard comes from responsibly managed forests.

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